An in-depth exploration into the art and transformation of grief + loss with people from around the world.

As an art therapist, I used to specialize in body image, self-esteem and disordered eating. Having recovered from an eating disorder myself,  I will always remain passionate about helping women heal their relationships with food and their bodies. I will also continue to fight for body diversity and acceptance, as I can't imagine abandoning something that is so much a part of who I am.

However, since my mother died, I have been inspired to change direction and channel my work into grief + loss. And, to be honest, recovering from an eating disorder and grieving the loss of a loved one are not all that different. "Letting go" of the obsessive binge-purge-restrict cycle left me with a similar sense of anxiety and emptiness that I experienced in the months after my mother's death.

Though very different, the sense of loss can be much the same. One loss is healthy, a critical choice I made that was and is an essential part of recovery. The other, completely out of my control. Not a choice at all, but a natural progression of life that I was confronted with unexpectedly and, in my opinion, far too soon.

It has now been a year since my mom died, giving me time and space to think, heal and contemplate my next move. I have made a conscious decision to take this death and channel it into living my best life possible, choosing to heal in a way that maintains a balanced connection between mind, body and soul.

My new project, Conversations about Death, is an ode to those who have experienced loss; to those who have felt abandoned or misunderstood as they tried to navigate their way through this complicated and confusing thing called grief... and to those who have never felt like they had the space to share their story, uncensored and without judgement.

If you have experienced a loss and would like to share your story, let's connect. I would love to hear from you.